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New Listing Manager Feature

It’s crystal clear—business brokers crave innovation, and we are here to deliver.

After months of feedback and careful consideration, we’ve launched our Listing Manager feature. It offers brokers a more robust and better connected selling experience by allowing account holders to designate independent listing managers within their brokerage.

If you have an active subscription at, that means:

  • You can add and remove listing managers on your account in real time.
  • Listing managers within your brokerage will receive leads on the listings you assign them.
  • Listing mangers will have the ability to manage, edit and analyze all listings they own.
  • Listing mangers will be able to create as many new listings as they want.

The Listing Manager feature is especially useful for high-volume sellers.

“We’ve given brokers the ability to add managers to their accounts so that they can take charge of specific listings and handle changes and buyer inquiries,” said Jeff Dyson, CTO of “We know there is demand for this arrangement, and we’re happy to deliver.”

“Our marketplace is never finished; we’re improving it all the time,” Dyson continued. “We’ve been getting a lot of feedback, which we love because it helps us prioritize what new feature to tackle first.”

“We’re constantly evolving to better serve our diverse high-volume sellers, so this launch is such a great milestone,” said Nunzio Presta, CEO of “This feature allows brokers to collaborate better within their brokerage with full alignment, accountability and transparency.”

“It’s our commitment to not only create a place where users can buy, sell and grow, but also use our platform as a terrific productivity tool,” Presta continued.

If you’re an account holder on this new feature will not impact your current subscription. To take advantage, select “add listing managers” on your subscription management page which you can access from the “Sell” page of your dashboard.

For more information check out our FAQ, or ask our other community members questions on our Business Advice Forum.

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New Listing Manager Feature
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