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insideBiz Slack Community

Buy and Sell A Business has launched an exclusive new online community for people looking to buy, sell or grow their businesses. InsideBiz is a Slack forum where small business owners can connect and learn from each other—no special vendors, no-one trying to sell anything.

In this community you’ll find:

1. A safe space to ask questions and share business experience

2. Interesting insights in the community discussions

3. Information on upcoming networking events

4. Insight reports about the world of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

To apply, visit our website where you can also see some of the ground rules that we’ve set to ensure everyone gets the most out of this community. And of course, invite others who may be interested in participating.

If you have other questions, contact us at is also running a buyer’s workshop for those looking to purchase any small business—franchise or otherwise. It’s just 30 minutes long and completely free. You can register at our website.

Also, we launched a private Slack community designed to help people connect, share insight and ask questions about buying, selling and growing businesses or franchises. Apply to join here.

Remember, if you are interested in receiving the latest business news, insights and opportunities from Buy and Sell a Business, you can subscribe to our newsletter here or join our text messaging list here. Also, if you are not a Buy and Sell a Business user yet, what are you waiting for? Click here!

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insideBiz Slack Community
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