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Culture is about Values

Culture has become the hottest term in business, but many businesses get it wrong. The truth about culture is that it is much more than jumping on the hottest buzzwords or technology, it’s much more than perks, freebies or illuminating words across a wall. Culture, at the core, is about how you act and how you define and express your values.

More and more people want to work at companies that share their values. Millennial employees, who now make up more than half of our workforce, are teaching us what they believe about the future of work. Younger generations of employees want their work to have a higher purpose. They want to make sure their company is committed to improving the world. If business leaders (big and small) think it’s hard to navigate this now, just wait until the next generational wave enters the workforce, they’ll be two or three times more purpose driven.

Being purpose driven is not only great for your well-being but it’s great for your business as well. Purpose driven people are four times more likely to be engaged at work and 50% more likely to be a leader and have 64% higher level of career satisfaction (

“Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves,” Zuckerberg said, “that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. Purpose is what creates true happiness.”

Mark is right and this quote reminds me of a story about when JFK met a Janitor at NASA. It went something like this:

JFK asked the Janitor at NASA: What do you do?

The Janitor replied: I’m helping put a man on the moon.

Once again, when you are purpose driven you understand that you are an integral part of something much bigger.

As companies meet this employee demand, they’re realizing this culture needs to be authentic. There’s no longer a generic, off-the-rack set of principles anyone can adopt to underpin culture. It needs to be as distinct as a fingerprint.

From the start of Buy and Sell a Business, our culture has been surprisingly simple: Stay focused, curious and marketing driven in order to empower people to love what they do. Our people want to help small businesses and entrepreneurs; they want a balanced life; they want to make our customers and company successful.

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Culture is about Values
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