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At, the core of what we do is connect people looking to buy or sell a business or franchise, ideally in the micro market, which we define as enterprises with a valuation of under $5M. We’ve also put a ton of effort In ensuring we create a resourceful and supportive community with access to perks, tools, tips and now buyer workshops.

It’s no secret that scaling your business can be a daunting task. From acquisitions, to sales and marketing, to corporate compliance, to customer relations. Figuring out the best way to grow your business can be extremely difficult— but not impossible! There are hundreds of business growth strategies out there that promise to help you increase profitability, but sorting through them and trying to find the best options can occupy a lot of your valuable time. So, by being a member, not only are we here to help you find a business or franchise to buy, but we’re here to help you grow a business your planning to sell or help educate you on finding and growing the right business. Not only do we want to help you succeed, but we want to see you thrive. As mentioned, we offer a number of tools and resources to help you scale and grow your business, all of which are based in proven tactics and fundamental approaches to creating growth. As a member, you will receive exclusive access to perks and deals from trusted and reputable vendors that will allow enable you to grow efficiently and effectively.

Also, if you looking to buy a business, we just launched our free virtual workshops to help you get the most out of buying the right business. Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship through acquisition, an experienced small business owner looking to purchase another business to accelerate growth or simply searching for a hobby business that you can have fun with, our goal is to empower you to love what you do by ensuring you find the right business or franchise that suits your lifestyle. The workshop is only 30 minutes and the agenda is lean:

· Why buy a business or franchise?

· What to look for when buying

· Communication

· Our marketplace at a glance

· Expectations

· Identifying the diamonds in the rough

Learn more here and register for our first workshop on October 2, 2020 at 10am ET.

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Business Buyer Workshops
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