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Benefits of Buying a Home Based Business

Do you find that you’re more productive working from home? Starting in April 2020, when the pandemic first hit, roughly 32% of Canadian employees worked remotely. Working from home allowed many of them the freedom to customize their space, avoid commutes, and enjoy a certain flexibility to alter their work-life to better suit their living situation.

Home based business owners have always enjoyed these perks.

When you own your own business, you’re not only able to customize your work space but you’re able to work anywhere at anytime without being restricted to your workplace protocols—you make the rules.

Certain workplace rules that most employees are forced to abide by don’t make a lot of sense to begin with. For example, many employers take the traditional view that early risers are more productive. But waking up earlier is not always an indication that you will get work done more efficiently.

A study conducted by the University of Southhampton sub-grouped night-owls and early risers and evaluated their productivity. It found that sleeping schedule has little-to-no relation with our functionality. In fact, forcing a night owl to wake up early to get to work can even diminish their productivity. Working from home gives both groups the advantage of planning their day to best suit them.

But what about work-life balance? Some 44% of Canadians reported working longer hours while at home. When you own your own business, you’re not beholden to the expectations of a manager. You choose your own timelines and your schedule.

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Benefits of Buying a Home Based Business
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