Being in the right place matters!

As an online user, sometimes you’re hit with number overload – the most sellers, the most traffic, the most buyers, and so on and so on. The thing is with numbers, you need to step back and appreciate that they are just numbers – the “most of something” doesn’t equal quality or success. Sure, there’s exposure but attention from the wrong audience is just as pointless as no exposure at all – it’s an illusion.

As an online user, we implore you to look deeper. Ensure you are playing in a focused, captive playground with the right audience to help achieve your goal. Don’t be romanced by the numbers.

This entry was inspired by an interaction our support team experienced over the weekend. A seller was drilling down on questions (being burned before) and our guidance helped build the trust she needed to move forward with a positive attitude. We know there are unfocused, negative characters that wow you with numbers, yet they provide a mediocre experience. These mediocre companies have deteriorated users online trust as they’ve made them feel as though they’ve been exploited. On behalf of them, we apologize!

We’re on a journey to drastically change this and we’ve been succeeding.

We are relentlessly aiming to ensure people know that when they are leveraging the BizON marketplace, they are in the right place. We know that our users (especially our sellers) really need to move on and don’t want to be in limbo while selling their business.

As our CEO Nunzio Presta says:

“The quality of what you find is a result of where you look.”

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Being in the right place matters!
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